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The diagnostic consultation center “Tokuda Medical Center” (TMC) provides outpatient medical services. In the medical center work 32 medical specialties’ doctors who provide primary consultative exams. For the patients’ ease of access the TMC offices are directly connected to the inpatient departments thus ensuring rapid hospital admittance and streamlined communication amongst the medical teams.


The Medical Center has signed a contract with the Bulgarian National Health Insurance Fund which decreases the patients’ expenses. In addition TMC has contracts with numerous national and international insurers and accepts credit card and cash payments.


The center is unique in its geographic region in terms of its ultra-modern diagnostic equipment to effectively diagnose the following medical conditions:

  • Childhood diseases, and especially during the neonatal period
  • Cardiac and vascular health issues
  • Neurological dysfunctions and neurological diseases requiring surgery
  • Hepatic (Liver), pancreatic, gall bladder, esophageal, and digestive tract related diseases
  • Pulmonary and upper respiratory tract diseases
  • Kidney and urinary system, male reproductive system, nephrological (kidney) and urological diseases
  • Gynecological issues, especially treatment of pre-and cancerous cells of the female reproductive systems
  • Endocrine system diseases and disorders
  • Skeletal-joint degenerative diseases and trauma 
  • Ophthalmic eye diseases
  • Ear, Nose and throat diseases
  • Dermatological and sexually transmitted infections (STI’s)   
  • Facial and jaw malformations, traumas, and reconstruction
  • Dental and orthodontic medical conditions

Current promotions / Accent

"Tokuda" not only brings the best healthcare practices but also envisions to improve lives in communities around, protects and supports its patients and support services that help people to improve their life. Here are some of the practices along these lines:

  • Free of charge examinations for underserved and poor patients
  • Institutional and hospital support for Tacitus NGO - Parents of autistic children Association
  • Charity for Institutions for Orphans
  • Physical Therapy Pro-bono for children with special needs in the “Sixth School for children with special needs”
  • Care for abandoned children living in the orphanage of Pleven;

Pro-bono operations for scoliosis, strabismus, etc.


The center has the latest generation of diagnostic equipment and clinical laboratories. They are designed in way that avoids any negative effects on the patient and at the same time provide quick, accurate and detailed results of organ status and function in real time.

Medical tests

The medical center is equipped with contemporary clinical laboratory and offers a comprehensive range of medical testing including tumor markers and hormone testing

Health insurance

NZOK (National Health Insurance Fund)
EUROINS Health Assurance
Generali Zakrila Health Insurance
Health Insurance Company Bulstrad Health
Health Insurance Company Nadezhda
Health Insurance Fund FiHealth
Health Insurance Fund Hippocrates
Health Insurance Fund Tokuda
Health Insurance Institute
United Health-Insurance Fund Doverie


Bulgaria Sofia бул. "Никола Й. Вапцаров" 51Б 42° 39' 56.664" N 23° 19' 31.2132" E Google Maps


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