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  • Cross-border health insurance

    Today (25 October) the directive for cross-border health insurance has come into force. According to this directive the patients will have the right of medical treatment and tests in all countries part of the European Union and that is without the need of any approval by the Health fund or the Ministry of health. The citizens have to pay themselves for the treatment provided.

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  • Cold water health benefits

    There is this very interesting Bulgarian tradition: every year on sixth of January people gather near a lake or river (usually the temperatures outside are -5 to -15 degrees Celsium). Then the local priest throws wooden cross and everyone rushes to get the cross out of the water. On the same day people named Jordan celebrate.


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  • Select doctors online. A dedicated website helps you find the right specialist

    A new Bulgarian website helps you find a good doctor or dentist. Searching by field or location finds profiles of medics complete with feedback and comments by their patients. The system can show you recommended doctors nearby, using your device’s location.


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  • Be healthier and win awesome prizes at

    Who are the best doctors in Bulgaria? How can I find a good dentist? Can I get high-grade but cheap health care?


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