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Select doctors online. A dedicated website helps you find the right specialist

A new Bulgarian website helps you find a good doctor or dentist. Searching by field or location finds profiles of medics complete with feedback and comments by their patients. The system can show you recommended doctors nearby, using your device’s location.


Over 20 000 doctors from around the country participate with their name, field and contact information. Over 2200 are the registered patients who give feedback about their experience, find useful information and contact recommended specialists. A complete doctor’s profile includes their CV, education, additional qualifications, as well as spoken languages. Comments and ratings help the registered patients be sure that they choose the right specialist to trust their health with. publishes informational materials on various aspects of health issues in over 50 articles about kidney and stomach problems, liver and heart health, nutrition and dental hygiene and many more.


Sign up is free and additionally the site gives out prizes to patients who register their profile by the end of November. The promotion takes place on Doctiming’s Facebook page, where users should enter their registration code. The prizes are: Bvlgari perfumes, shopping gift-cards from Technopolis and first prize – a weekend for four in “Starosel” winery complex.


The promising project was nominated for the BGSITE 2013 awards in two cathegories: “Cause. Event. Community” and “Adaptive and responsive websites”.

Warning: This article is not medicine literature and does not replace consultations with a medical specialist. The purpose of the content is to provoke health related questions and to kindly ask you to always contact a medical specialist when looking for an advice.
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