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Cross-border health insurance

Today (25 October) the directive for cross-border health insurance has come into force. According to this directive the patients will have the right of medical treatment and tests in all countries part of the European Union and that is without the need of any approval by the Health fund or the Ministry of health. The citizens have to pay themselves for the treatment provided. Afterwards the Health fund refunds the citizens expenses up to the sum that equals the same treatment in Bulgaria. Each one of the European countries is presented with the opportunity to set up a system that allows medical treatment and operations abroad. Up to now the Bulgarian Health Fund had refunded the treatment provided out of the country’s borders only in case it was not available in the country.

Warning: This article is not medicine literature and does not replace consultations with a medical specialist. The purpose of the content is to provoke health related questions and to kindly ask you to always contact a medical specialist when looking for an advice.
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