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Multiprofile Hospital "Sofiamed" is a part of a chain of healthcare establishments functioning on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.


The hospital complex consists of Multiprofile Hospital for Active Treatment "Sofiamed' and Diagnostic and Consultative Centre "Sofiamed'.


The stationary section of the hospital has 440 beds available.


Sofiamed Hospital provides the obligatory comfort to every patient in rooms with 1, 2 and 3 beds. Each room has its own sanitary amenities, Internet and television. The rooms are equipped with soft leather furniture meeting all sanitary requirements.


At "Sofiamed" Hospital leading experts and professionally selected specialized teams are employed to practice, guaranteeing high quality and competence of the medical service.


At Diagnostic and Consultative Centre "Sofiamed" there are 80 medical rooms where 40 general practitioners work, as well as 100 medical doctors having various specialties within the outpatient medical care.


The hospital has concluded an agreement with the National Health Insurance Fund. Hospital Sofiamed provides emergency and urgent medical care. The structural units in the hospital are in a state of functional connectivity which prevents the mixing of patient flows.


The hospital structures are assigned the third, highest level of competence by the Ministry of Health. The hospital has its own parking area, free of charge at the beginning of the stay for all patients. Sofiamed Hospital is located in a central and easily accessible area. It can be easily reached from any part of the city.


Specialized services delivered in the following wards:

  • Cardiology and Invasive Cardiology Ward
  • Gastroenterology Ward
  • Surgery Ward
  • The Obstetrics & Gynecology Ward
  • Anesthesiology & Intensive Care Ward
  • Neurology ward
  • Urology Ward
  • Rheumatology Ward
  • Orthopedics & Traumatology Ward
  • Neurosurgery Ward
  • Clinic of Arthroscopic Traumatology
  • Neonatology Ward
  • The Emergency Admission Ward
  • Clinical Pathology Ward
  • Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases Ward
  • The Internal Diseases Clinic
  • Medical Oncology Ward
  • Ward of Face&Jaw Surgery

Current promotions / Accent

“Be healthy!“ is the phrase by which we wish each other the most precious thing in the life of everyone, namely, good HEALTH! The most precious that is usually heeded the least in our hectic everyday life, the most precious that we never have time to take care of. The most precious that we usually appraise only after we have lost it. “Be healthy!” is the motto under which are conducted the campaigns organized by Hospital Sofiamed. We believe that “Prophylactics is the best prevention” and our objective is the prophylactics of socially significant diseases, their prevention or detection at an early stage, so as to avoid ending up in the hospital bed. Within the announced days, after preliminary registration of time for visit at the registration office or via the telephones of the healthcare establishment, patients have the opportunity to be examined and consulted by an expert. “Be healthy!“ is a prophylactic campaign of Hospital Sofiamed, as examinations in this line do not require directioning by the general practitioner and are entirely free of charge for the patient.


The hospital is equipped with medical apparatuses of the newest generation by leading manufacturers.

Medical tests

  • electrocardiography (ECG), Holter monitoring of ECG and arterial pressure, transthoracic echocardiography, transesophageal echocardiography (TEE), stress echocardiography, duplex-sonography of peripheral vessels
  • colonoscopy, endoscopic retrograde, holangipancreatography, echography of abdominal organs;
  • ultrasound diagnostic methods: transabdominal echography of the uro-genital tract;
  • transrectal echography of the prostate, bladder and testicles;
  • echographic test of testis and epididymus.
  • Interventional ultrasound methods of testing and treatment: transcutaneous puncture of hydrocele under echographic control;
  • transrectal biopsy of prostate gland under echographic control;
  • radiological diagnostic methods: overview roentgenography of the excretory tract;
  • X-ray contrast scanning of the excretory tract (venous urography);
  • retrograde cystograpy of the ureter;
  • retrograde ureteropielography;
  • fistulographies;
  • endoscopic test methods: cystoscopy of the ureter;
  • retrograde catheterization of the ureter and pelvis; ureterorenoscopy.

Year of Establishment


Health insurance

NZOK (National Health Insurance Fund)
DZI - Health Insurance
Health Insurance Company Bulstrad Health
Health Insurance Company Nadezhda
Health Insurance Fund FiHealth
United Health-Insurance Fund Doverie


Bulgaria София бул. Г. М. Димитров 16 42° 40' 1.4196" N 23° 21' 51.7752" E Google Maps


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