ДКЦ Св.Георги ЕООД

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Health insurance

NZOK (National Health Insurance Fund)


  • Bulgaria Plovdiv бул. „Христо Ботев“ 47 42° 8' 7.8756" N 24° 44' 39.5772" E Google Maps
  • Bulgaria Plovdiv bul. "Vasil Aprilov" 15А 42° 8' 22.3836" N 24° 44' 12.0012" E Google Maps
  • Bulgaria Krichim ul. "Trakija" 28 42° 2' 58.5024" N 24° 28' 9.858" E Google Maps
  • Bulgaria Plovdiv bul. "Peshtersko Shose" 66 42° 8' 14.8632" N 24° 42' 57.636" E Google Maps
  • Bulgaria Plovdiv bul. "Vasil Aprilov" 15А 42° 8' 22.3836" N 24° 44' 12.0012" E Google Maps


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